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Are you looking for audiobook narration that takes you on a journey to a different world? eLearning voiceover for a course that teaches new skills and ideas? Or perhaps a commercial voiceover describing your latest products and services? Kristina Rothe’s professional voiceover services can help bring your content to life. She is bilingual in English and German and specializes in confident, elegant, and expressive voiceovers and narrations.

Confident. Elegant. Expressive.

Curious? Take a Listen

Listen to a few samples from Kristina’s demos in a variety of voiceover genres. As a bilingual voice-over talent, Kristina can perform in both English and German. To hear more individual clips, take a look at the voiceover categories in her portfolio. 

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Client Feedback

I find her truly a wonderful audiobook performer/narrator with skills that keep the listener mesmerized until the end

More to learn

A voice-over artist is always learning something new. Whether it’s training in a new genre, using new software, testing new equipment, or keeping up with industry trends. As a former project manager, Kristina loves to adjust her tools, workflows, and processes to improve efficiency and outcome. She also enjoys staying up to date on everything the industry of voiceover has to offer. Follow Kristina’s journey on her blog as she shares her insights into all things VO.