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Voice Over Samples

Audiobooks Voice Talent

Who doesn’t love getting lost in a story? Kristina is a skilled and award-winning performer with a charismatic voice that guides the listener’s journey through suspense, romance, mystery, comedy – whatever your book has to offer. Listen to Kristina’s English and German audiobook demos.

Voiceover for Explainer Videos

Kristina’s articulate and confident voice is an excellent match for explainer videos, often centered on a product presentation, pitch, idea, or concept. Voiceover for explainers can also be found in Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaigns, tutorials, or other topics requiring a clear and concise overview.

Audiobooks Explainer
Comm Narr

Professional Commercial Voiceover

Commercials are little stories full of life. Stories can be joyful, encouraging, powerful, nurturing, playful, or sometimes just plain silly! Kristina’s voice captures the essence of your commercial message with warmth, nuance, and expression to connect with your audience.

Documentary & In-Show Narration Voice Actor

A voiceover artist helps set the mood and tone of a documentary, engaging the audience while telling the story. Whether the style is majestic, quirky, thrilling, or fun, Kristina’s dynamic narration elevates the project. Listen to Kristina’s bilingual narration demos here.

E-Learning Voiceover & Medical Narration

Kristina’s informative and elegant voice is a natural fit for e-learning voice-over projects as well as medical narration. Whether your project is focused on formal education, hobby skill-building, or anything in between, Kristina’s voiceover can teach in both English and German.

Corporate/Industrial Voiceover Narration

Corporate/industrial voiceover projects focus on internal employee training or instructions on company policy, or they can be public-facing and explain new products or services. Kristina has a smooth and confident voice that delivers the message while engaging the listener and bringing your content to life.

e learning medical


With a professional studio setup at home and live directed recording sessions via Source Connect Standard, Kristina delivers broadcast quality audio at a fast turnaround, often within one business day (depending on content)

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