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Travel spot/Imagefilm - Visit America's Northeast (German)

Traveling is probably one of Kristina's favorite things, so being invited to showcase the feeling of traveling in this German video is a massive joy and honor. 

Kristina narrates both German and English audiobooks, in a variety of genres. Some of her titles can be found on audible, under the following link:

Kristina's Audiobooks on Audible

Two audiobooks, both written by Michael James Emberger, are also available for free on other retailers: 

The award-winning Women's Fiction "Believed" and "Believe Her", a Guidebook for Christian Men who want to be allies to survivors of sexual assault.

More info about Believed

More info about Believe Her

She also occasionally narrates under a pseudonym.

Audiobooks Explainer
Comm Narr

Podcast - Stories in a Teacup

Join Kristina on an adventure, exploring a new short story or chapter and chatting about them (and tangents :)) in each episode of this story-based podcast & YouTube Channel. 

Click Here for the YouTube Channel or check out the podcast player below - 

Meditation - Take A Breath

Join Kristina for guided "breathers". We'll start with reconnecting with ourselves, getting ready with confidence and self love. And there will also be a quick check-in, a reminder to take a moment. Take a breath.

Click Here for the YouTube channel; or listen to the podcast version below.

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